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This is a small collections of clients I have worked with over my career. I am so grateful for all the unique people I have met and the experience of creating 100's  of advertising campaigns to guide their marketing; for example "Hot Art Happenings" that I wan an award for, just one of many, the experience was invaluable. 


Thank you!

I am proud of the work I accomplished.

Painting Wall


This is an exciting time for me as an ALL Media Artist. I am creating my art full time and absolutely love it! I am free to design and create using all the tools available. I am a painter, designer, sculptor working with mixed media, new media, assemblage, photography, collage, clay, fabric, interiors and exteriors. Working online and in my studio daily is my prefernce in order to focus on my work.


Leaving a text message is best to get in touch because my phone is off while I am working,

Thank you so much!

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